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Great food will return soon.

Baird , 12 Aug 2020

Best curry, great service & atmosphere.

Gayle, 12 Aug 2020

What an amazing meal. Had an anniversary dinner and it did not disappoint.

Sarah, 11 Aug 2020

Superb restaurant and exemplary service

Bailey , 11 Aug 2020

Great atmosphere, excellent food, & service, perfect COVID-19 table layout.

David , 11 Aug 2020

Went to celebrate my Uncle's 40th birthday. The food and service were excellent.

Tania , 09 Aug 2020

Excellent takeaway, user-friendly mobile App, quick order processing and delivery service.

Sean, 09 Aug 2020

First meal at Jeera Eat Out Help Out Scheme.

Jamie, 08 Aug 2020

Good food. Good service. Prices right based on quality. The 5-star wine list.

Katherine , 08 Aug 2020

Have eaten here a couple of times before lockdown, and food quality was excellent. First takeaway, and as good as being on the premises! Restaurant quality at home :)

Simon, 07 Aug 2020

Finally, we had our dinner at Jeera, Well managed Covid-19 and set up is perfect in the current circumstances. Food, safety, and service is perfection.

Bradley , 05 Aug 2020

The staff were brilliant and sorted out a table at short notice. The food was amazing, the best onion bhaji in the world.

Annie , 05 Aug 2020

Eat Out to Help Out Meal, Great Customer service, and Excellent food.

Ellie , 05 Aug 2020

Great atmosphere, good service, and delicious food. This restaurant is a really great place to visit a great atmosphere, good service, and delicious food. This restaurant is a really great place to visit

Sam, 04 Aug 2020

Had an excellent meal and maintained COVID-19 rules. Best place to dine out.

Bradley , 04 Aug 2020

Had another tasty takeaway. you really can't beat the food here..had many Indian takeaways this is by far the best. Good service everything.

Emma , 01 Aug 2020

Just want to say what a fabulous restaurant this is have been here many times but the first time since lockdown and I can’t fault the social distancing the staff had minimal contact with you.

Sandy , 01 Aug 2020

Delicious take away and a wonderful change for Sherfield English to local pub grub.

Ailsa, 31 Jul 2020

Excellent meal out on a Sunday dinner. Best in Romsey

Thomas, 29 Jul 2020

We were there to spend a week end for our 50 th wedding anniversary. It was not the first time we visit this restaurant and each time we enjoy the artistic way of presenting the food , not forgetting the marvelous taste coming up to our brain.

David, 29 Jul 2020

Our new favourite restaurant, It’s perfect! All the food is amazing and divine.

Caroline, 26 Jul 2020

Excellent food

Tom, 23 Jul 2020

Great food & service.

Sami, 20 Jul 2020


Alastair, 19 Jul 2020

It was really delicious taste with great quality, everything had unique taste which we had ordered, nice arrangement and services from the staff while eating, we found nothing bad about this restaurant.

Danny, 17 Jul 2020

Incredible food, incredible service. Went in and ordered food to takeaway and only had to wait 10 mins. Would definitely recommend!

Paul, 17 Jul 2020